Sportsman’s Warehouse Holdings, Inc. is opening new stores this month in Saratoga Springs and Stansbury Park, UT.

“With the addition of these two new stores, we now have 125 stores nationally in our fleet,” said Jon Barker, Sportsman’s Warehouse CEO. “We continue to execute our retail footprint strategy using our flexible store format. This flexibility on store sizing allowed us to open our standard size footprint in Saratoga Springs and this approximately 10,000-square-foot new store in Stansbury Park, UT, and underserved small but growing community with a high demand for outdoor products. As outdoor participation in the U.S. continues to climb, we are committed to furthering our store expansion efforts to support these growing trends and gain additional market share.”

The new stores measure a combined 40,658 square feet. Sportsman’s Warehouse will have 12 stores in Utah with these new locations.

“By opening these new stores, we can provide jobs, bolster overall commerce and do our part to support the local economy,” concluded Barker.