Tom Trauger, CFO of Sports Basement, was among the five cyclists killed in a Nevada crash on December 10, according to the San Francisco Gate.

Trauger was riding an annual century with 20 friends when a box truck struck and killed five of the cyclists and injured four others on U.S. Highway 95 south of Boulder City, NV. The 57-year-old was an executive with Sports Basement for 14 years including time spent working at the Presidio store.

Sports Basement is honoring Trauger by asking drivers to be aware of cyclists to help save lives and to make donations.

Sports Basement’s Facebook message honoring¬† Trauger stated:

Early last Thursday, the Sports Basement family was rocked by news that our CFO, Tom Trauger, was killed in a bike accident. He was riding an annual century in Nevada with 20 friends when a truck struck and killed 5 of the cyclists and injured 4 others. We are devastated by the loss of such an incredible man. Tom was a world-class triathlete; one of the top age-groupers in the world. After returning from an Ironman, his stories would light up the whole office, and his passion for his sport-inspired everyone around him. Of course, he was a spectacularly skilled accountant as well, leading our company’s accounting with more skill and acumen than we could have ever dreamed of. Most importantly, he was also a constant source of kindness, humor, intelligence and leadership, and everyone who met him was made better by having known him.
We want to honor Tom’s memory by spreading the word about bike safety and driver awareness. We ask you to notice every cyclist you share the road with and to remember that they are someone’s father, mother, son, or daughter. Your awareness can protect their lives. We also encourage you to visit these donation pages to assist the families of all the victims.