SportHill will donate performance athletic clothing to LEAD – Leadership, Education, Adventure, Direction – a teen organization for low-income youth in Lane County Oregon was established in 1998 in partnership with the City of Eugene, OR and Housing and Community Services. Their goal is to develop the leadership skills of low-income teens helping them build self confidence and cooperative skills through outdoor adventure.

To participate students must commit to graduating from school (or getting a GED), obey the law
and develop and follow their chosen life assignment. Life assignments are long-term goals in which
the teens, in some way, work to create positive world change. These life assignments may include
continuing the work to develop leadership skills in young people, the protection of wildlife
and the environment or a commitment to work to free the world from pollution and global warming.

During weekly meetings members have an opportunity to facilitate activities with an adult volunteer
co-leader, and once a month they venture into the natural world to experience its beauty and discover
their inner strengths. Partnering with the city of Eugene, LEAD teens climb rocks, raft rivers, snowshoe,
backpack and camp under the stars.

LEAD Teen projects have included river cleanup, participation in National Trails Days and Food
for Lane County.