Sport Chek opened its first women’s-only store in Calgary. Called Sport Chek Women, the 16,000-square-foot store was designed by an all-female team at the retailer, which is owned by Canadian Tire, according to the Calgary Herald.

The store, opening Thursday, sorts merchandise by activity (running, swimming, yoga, etc.) rather than by brand. It also offers digital sports bra selectors that provide personalized selections for customers, as well as a gait analysis for running shoes. Mannequins reflect a variety of body types.

“We thought there was a ton of opportunity to do it better,” Kara Anastasiadis, associate VP of merchandise strategy, at FGL Sports. “We have everything in our stores already, we just haven’t been able to give her a one-stop, comfortable, personalized shopping experience.”

The article notes that 60 percent of Sport Chek’s customers are men.