Longtime Outdoor Connection, Inc. employee Tracey Splechter has been promoted to the position of vice president of operations.

“When I started with Outdoor Connection in 1999, I learned right away the true meaning of being crossed trained,” said Splechter. “Over time there wasn't much I didn't become involved with. My day-to-day tasks require me to be involved in everything from interaction with our team of franchise owners to communicating with our destinations around the world. I also manage the corporate office on many levels and love every minute.”

With a franchise base of more than 75 owners and representing more than 275 hunting outfitters and fishing guides/lodges, Outdoor Connection matches clients with adventure travel throughout the world.

“In the same day, we can book everything from fly fishing in Montana to a dove hunt in Argentina, a corporate trip for fishing in Alaska and a red stag hunt in New Zealand. It truly is the variety of the business that I am hooked on,” added Splechter.

In recognizing the loyalty and passion Splechter brings to the business, Outdoor Connection President Marc Glades awarded her shares in the company in 2008. That was Splechter's 10th year with the company. Splechter is only 28 years old and already has many years of experience handling worldwide travel for all outdoor enthusiasts, a true accomplishment in the outdoor travel industry.

With those shares, now comes the title of vice president of operations.

“Tracey earned the opportunity to be a shareholder as well as the title that certainly fits her role,” Glades said. “Tracey has always put the company first. It was time for her to be a shareholder and an official voice in our company. She is perceptive, loyal, a tireless worker and looks out for the company and its clients with unmatched passion. We look forward to the expertise Tracey brings to the future growth of our company as she continues to contribute.”