Four executives at Spenco Medical Corporation have purchased the company’s footwear and Silicore assets after its insole and 2nd Skin first aid products were sold to Implus.

The execs in a statement said the purchase will ensure the availability of the popular products continues.

Jeff Antonioli, Spenco’s current vice president of sales and marketing, stressed that although the Implus acquisition of insoles and 2nd Skin has been announced, it’s “business as usual” at the Waco, Texas-based Spenco until at least the end of August.

“Our current Spenco Sales and Customer Service Team will continue to execute the same professional service to all of the Spenco products until further notice,” said Antonioli, who is one of the new owners of the footwear and Silicore business. “We will work with the Implus Team to make sure we meet all of our customers’ needs.”

“Since launching the footwear division six years ago, the sales of Spenco shoes, sandals and slides have grown impressively with double digit increases every year,” said Antonioli. “Our team is excited to take this portion of the business to the next level. We believe the potential for trend-relevant footwear that helps consumers maintain foot comfort and health is virtually unlimited.”

In addition to Antonioli, other new owners are Brad Granger, current vice president of business development; David McKown, current chief financial officer; and Nancy Muhlman, current vice president of operations.

Spenco first entered the footwear market in 2010 with its Yumi sandal, designed for customers who traditionally could not wear flip-flops because of poor arch support. Since then, under Antonioli’s leadership, the company has introduced many additional styles for both men and women in shoes, sandals and slippers.

All footwear will continue to use the Total Support foot bed design of Spenco insoles, and incorporate a cushioned heel, deep heel cupping, orthotic arch support, metatarsal dome, and a cushioned forefoot.

Spenco Silicore Padding Products are well known in the health care industry for making patients more comfortable. Products include a Bed Pad, Chair Pad, Foot Pillows and Wheelchair Pad.