After a year and a half of arbitration and courtroom battles, Specialized has successfully defended its FSR suspension system. Under the terms of a recently reached agreement, Scott USA admits that its existing Genius bicycle suspension design infringes on two specific FSR suspension patents. According to Specialized, as a result, Scott USA will neither import Genius bicycles into the U.S., nor further challenge the validity of the FSR suspension patents.

“After being forced to defend our FSR patent for more than 18 months, we can once again focus strictly on what we do best–making great bikes and equipment,” says Specialized Founder and President Mike Sinyard. “I wish we could have put all the money we spent defending our innovation into growing the market, but our business and the success of our dealers depend on our intellectual property,” says Sinyard.

For more information about this case, including comments from Scott USA's President, Scott Montgomery, look for next week's issue of The B.O.S.S. Report (BOSS_0550)