Spartan Race is moving indoors.

The obstacle race organization said it’s partnering with luxury-lifestyle hotel brand 1 Hotel in South Beach, FL to open its first ever Spartan Gym.

Anticipated to open December 1, 2016, the 14,000-square-foot indoor space will blend the famous Spartan Race with the mission-driven, wellness-focused luxury lifestyle brand of 1 Hotels, officials said.

The gym will feature spaces designed with equipment and offer education from local, certified Spartan trainers dedicated to helping those of all fitness levels achieve strength and endurance. The collaboration will cater to travelers looking to not only stay in fitness routines while on the road, but offer them access to trainers, equipment and targeted technique classes exclusively available at 1 Hotel South Beach. It’s a growing lodging trend SGB recently noted, here.

“We are thrilled to partner with 1 Hotels to bring the first-ever Spartan Gym to 1 Hotel South Beach,” said John Gauch, vice president of Spartan Training. “This new gym will set the bar for Spartan training, allowing guests to fully explore and reach their fitness potential.”

Available to hotel guests and residents of 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach, the gym will divide itself by Spartan’s core areas of fitness: athleticism, strength, endurance and mind. Each of these rooms are surrounded by a central area which will feature obstacle-inspired offerings including overhead ropes, nets, and pipes for traditional Spartan course training. Additionally, the gym will include three classrooms for group-style workouts, one of which can be used as a private training room for one-on-one Spartan training by certified trainers from the area. Outdoor areas surrounding the gym, a designated Spartan yoga deck, the property’s private beach and the hotel’s grounds, which includes 600 feet of beachfront, will also be utilized for specialty classes and challenges with ocean views.

With a capacity of up to 289 people, the Spartan Gym will boast workout equipment for each of its core focus areas. The athleticism area focuses on the body’s stability, coordination and balance through natural body movement with space and equipment for complex, skill-developing workouts. The strength area is designed for power with weight machines, free weights and other strength testing equipment. The endurance area targets aerobic and anaerobic training with cardio equipment. The mind area is meant for yoga and unique recovery experiences with foam rollers and yoga equipment for post-workout stretching and meditation.

As part of the Spartan Gym experience, 1 Hotel South Beach will offer specialty packages for guests to fully embrace their inner Spartan, including dedicated menus, class recommendations, spa treatments and more. In addition, 1 Hotel South Beach and Spartan Gym plan to offer Spartan Weekends and Weeks in 2017 to support those training for upcoming races across the country.