SparBar Inc., the pioneers of SparBar boxing, mixed martial arts (MMA) and fitness equipment, has engaged four international copyright infringement law firms to aggressively defend the company’s inventions and intellectual property (IP).

Sparbar’s legal team is currently pursuing three different infringers in three active cases dealing with copyright infringement violations.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jasvinder Singh Gill said, “I built SparBar from the ground up, and I am not going to stand by and allow counterfeiters and infringers to hurt SparBar, Inc.’s growth with their illegal activities. We’ve carefully built this legal team to root those bad actors out and ensure that customers who buy products with the SparBar name get the very best in quality from the original SparBar creators.”

Managing Director Kenny Lam said, “Our NY-based corporate team will ensure that the brand continues to grow and thrive while producers of copycat, lookalike, and counterfeit SparBar products will be dealt with swiftly and pursued vigorously.”

The law firms include Campbell & Co. Solicitors, London, U.K for cases in the United Kingdom and Europe; Feinstein Law, Sequim, WA, for cases in the United States; and Beijing Kinshuttle Consulting Corporation, Shanghai City, China, to support incidents in China. The offices of United Legal Experts, in Wolfratshausen Germany, will provide global and international protection.

Photo courtesy SparBar