Implus Footcare LLC, the supplier of below the ankle footwear accessories, said its Sof Sole footbed and hosiery brand and the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) has  formed a partnership. As an official partner, Implus will provide Sof Sole products to collegiate basketball coaches around the country and participate in a number of NABC activities including the 2010 NABC convention in Indianapolis, Indiana as part of the 2010 Men's Final Four.

“The NABC is very pleased to develop this partnership with Implus,” said NABC Executive Director Jim Haney. “We look forward to working with them throughout the 2009-2010 season as well as at the 2010 NABC Convention and NCAA Final Four.”

“The care, comfort and health of our feet are concerns for coaches and players in all sports, but especially basketball,” said Jamie Dixon, head coach at the University of Pittsburgh. “We need to be proactive in the care and prevention of foot injuries to our players.  At the same time, coaches are on their feet for long periods during practices and games and want to be as comfortable as possible.”

“Sof Sole is proud to support the National Association of Basketball Coaches,” said Todd Vore, President of Implus Footcare. “Performance is the heart of the Sof Sole brand, and who better to benefit from the products than the coaches and athletes who are constantly on their feet, teaching and performing every day.”

Located in Kansas City, Missouri, the NABC currently claims nearly 5,000 members consisting primarily of university and college men's basketball coaches.