SnowSports Industries America recently released its End of the Season Survey from the SnowSports Consumer Panel that shows 86.4% of snow sports participants take the time to read online product reviews written by other consumers before purchasing new products.

These reviews are even more important to consumers getting ready to purchase big ticket items like snowboards, apparel, and skis. More than 88% of panel members said they seek out and read these reviews before purchasing expensive snow sports equipment and apparel.

Snow sports participants claim to be directly impacted by these consumer reviews.  Almost seven out of 10 consumers have decided not to purchase a product because of a review another consumer has written. On the other hand, the impact of a bad review only goes so far, 61.6% have purchased a product even after it received bad consumer reviews.

And finally, the report explains that a colder longer season, with lots of snow, made 2007/2008 a great one for consumer participation. Slightly more than three out of 10 snow sports consumers participated more this season as compared to last.

In addition, 37.8% participated about the same and 19.9% of consumers participated less.  Only 10.8% did not participate at all.