Sneakers4Funds, the leading athletic shoe drive fundraising company in the nation, announced the hiring of Brian Perez as vice president.

In his new position, Perez will work closely with and report directly to Wayne Elsey, global social entrepreneur and philanthropist. Elsey is also the founder and CEO of Elsey Enterprises, and Sneakers4Funds is one of the independent companies in the portfolio of businesses.

Perez has extensive management experience with the United States Navy. Additionally, his experience also includes other service industry enterprises.

Elsey said of the addition of Perez to the Sneakers4Funds team, “I’m exceptionally pleased that Brian is joining us. We spent three years perfecting the strategy and have proven the concept. Running retailers, marathons, races, and running clubs can help their communities and the planet in a positive and way with the sneakers of their supporters. No more throwing away or burning athletic shoes and destroying the environment. Now that we are the leader in the industry, we have an excellent addition with Brian. He’ll lead the effort to educate companies, marathons, races, and clubs to rethink how they lead in their communities and the world. Brian’s focus is to work more than 100 percent on continuing to dominate the industry with running retail stores, marathons, races, and running clubs. So, for all of us, this is an exciting time for our company and our work.”