The team at Smith Optics has adjusted to the internal restructuring it went through following Kerry Marumoto’s retirement from his position as VP of marketing. The company came to SIA offering several innovations in its Turbo Fan series including a new proprietary low-light mirrored lens that replaces the standard yellow or orange tint and brings the always popular mirrored look to the hill in nearly any condition.

The company is seeing some of the fashion trends in the apparel industry spill over into glasses, with many manufacturers, including Smith, offering a range of different patterns on the headbands throughout the goggle line. Smith has taken this one step further and let the patterns flow through on to the frame, adding more fashion to the world of goggles.

A final important addition to the goggle line is the new Transit, which offers a high performance goggle to the smaller-faced individual. This new model is designed for the “Grom” crowd of teenagers and ‘tweeners that, in many cases, are more demanding in fit and function than adults.