Slipstreamz has inked new distributor agreements with Cycles Lambert and J&B Importers. Both J&B Importers and Cycles Lambert began distributing The Slip in September 2006.

“J&B Importers has nine distribution centers that service more than 6,000 dealers across the US and Cycles Lambert has been voted number one in customer service for the past ten years,” said Lonnie Tiegs, president and chief executive officer of Slipstreamz. “I am proud to have these distributors carrying The Slip and I am excited that Slipstreamz customers will find The Slip in their local bike shop as they gear up for their rides this fall.”

“My relationship with Slipstreamz began back in 2005 when I was asked to test one of the first prototypes of The Slip,” said Pam Sayler, account manager for J&B Importers. “While The Slip is an innovative and exciting product, we wanted to be sure it could handle the rigors of our product testing. We tested The Slip in Minnesota during the early spring months when we felt the chilly weather would give us an accurate idea of how it would really perform. After testing, we made a few suggestions on how to improve the product and we have been very pleased with the final design. We now feel ready to move forward with a full launch of The Slip to our retailers.”