Slinger announced the finalization of its acquisition of Gameface.AI, an artificial intelligence technology provider for sports.

“We are thrilled to officially close our Gameface.AI acquisition and look forward to the near-term release of our Slinger tennis app, powered by their AI analysis engine,” said Mike Ballardie, CEO, Slinger. “This app will be truly unique in the sports market, starting with tennis, by bringing analysis to the individual and going well beyond traditional, undifferentiated coaching, content, or video apps. Gameface.AI’s technology is applicable throughout our product roadmap, and we intend to deploy it across our future products in tennis and new verticals, as well as in new markets such as sports betting and big data analysis. With Gamface, we are well-positioned to be at the forefront of the data and AI adoption that is occurring across all levels of sport.”

Recognized by FIFA, the World Football Summit Asia and MIT’s Sloan Sports Analytics Conference for the accuracy of its technology, Gameface.AI’s platform delivers biomechanics and strategic insights through its AI video platform. Slinger plans to enhance its existing products as well as develop and scale new technologies for tennis and other sport verticals. It is also focused on new partnerships with commercial video and data providers in sport.