Skylotec, based in Neuwied, Germany, has acquired Climbing Technology, a European manufacturer of carabiners. Terms were not disclosed. Climbing Technology is based in Cisano Bergamasco, Italy.

With the integration of the two associated production companies, Aludesign and Securit, Skylotec said it is creating its own production capacities and shortening its supply chains. Skylotec also said the move enhances supply security in the interest of customers, especially in the context of current global economic developments and bottlenecks.

Since 2008, Skylotec has been active in alpine mountaineering and sport climbing and brings several years of experience in the field of rope-based access. With the acquisition of the Swedish manufacturer ActSafe, the family-owned company also secured a foothold in powered rope access in 2019. The strategic acquisition of Climbing Technology further expands the expertise in these areas.

With around 110 employees at each of the Aludesign sites in Italy and Securit in Deva, Romania, the number of Skylotec production sites grows to a total of seven. Additionally, in the following years, the new locations in Italy and Romania will be expanded.

Kai Rinklake, managing director of Skylotec, said, “With the takeover, there is more potential together than separately. Skylotec is growing, Aludesign and Securit, too. Therefore, the optimal time to join forces is now. We are pleased to be able to expand our product range in the field of sports and rope-based access with the ‘Climbing Technology’ brand, as well as our know-how in the production of carabiners. In addition, both companies are connected through a shared philosophy of quality. “Every day we work on solutions that lead to more safety for people. That is why we have high-quality standards not only in terms of safety but also for criteria such as ergonomics and wearing comfort.”

In addition, the takeover shows Skylotec’s commitment to Europe as a location. With this, it becomes less dependent on supply chains from Asia. The company said the pandemic has shown that long supply chains are vulnerable as the costs of materials and logistics and delivery times have increased significantly.

“We are counteracting this by investing in the European location, thus increasing the security of supply for our customers in the long term,” said Rinklake.

Photo courtesy Climbing Technology