Skins Compression announced the relocation of its U.S. headquarters from Portland, OR to Encinitas, CA. The catalyst for the move is the brands overall U.S. growth strategy and desire to be at the heart of the active culture and marketplace in California. Moving to their new location by mid-April, Skins hopes to tap into the existing endurance community, leverage the training camps and off season professional athlete presence to further establish itself as the gradient compression brand-of-choice within North America.
As our renewed focus is on growing the North American compression category through increased presence across multi-sport segments, transferring Skins to the California coast provides a unique opportunity for us to reach our core audience said Johnny West, General Manager of Skins North America. The wide array of thriving sport disciplines, businesses and active individuals within the North County San Diego area allow us to bring the Skins brand to the consumers who use the product the most and keep a close watch on the trends that drive the industry.
Skins North America will be operating out of Encinitas, Calif. beginning April 16th, 2013. The address for the new headquarters is 364 Second Street, Suite 6, Encinitas, CA. 92024 and can be reached at 760-203-3631.
Moving the Skins U.S. office to California will afford us the access to the calibre of athlete that use our products and help us learn and improve the brand. We want to grow in the U.S. market and the new location will be the ideal platform to continue to develop the brand, said Skins Chairman, Jaimie Fuller. We are excited to see the positive impact and potential the Encinitas area will present by allowing us to immerse ourselves in the active culture and lifestyle that are paramount to Skins.

Skins compression wear helps athletes reach their peak performance with products developed for specific sports and levels of activity. The technology-driven compression garments are specifically designed to compress muscle groups to trigger acceleration in blood flow, resulting in increased oxygen to working muscles and maximized performance. Skins compression wear is scientifically proven to reduce exercise-induced muscle damage, a key factor in promoting active recovery. Whatever the sport, Skins allows athletes to train harder, perform better, and recover faster.

Nic Versloot, Skins CEO commented, Our people live the brand and you can do that when you can see the beach from the office. Its a great location that gives the team a fantastic opportunity to take the business and their own sporting goals to the next level.