Signa Sports United’s (SSU) North American Bike Division, which makes the Nukeproof and Vitus bikes, opened a corporate office in Park City, UT.

The office serves as the hub for SSU’s North American bike operations and enables the company to serve its customer and dealer base in and throughout North America.

“We’re thrilled to establish our new corporate office in Park City, a city that boasts a vibrant outdoor community and a world-class business environment,” said Hap Seliga, CEO of SSU NA Bike. “This expansion represents a significant investment in our North American operations and underscores our commitment to providing best-in-class service to our customers and partners in the region.”

In addition to serving as a hub for SSU’s North American bike operations, the Park City office supports the company’s warehouse operations and bike distribution center in Salt Lake City. The facility is responsible for distributing Nukeproof and Vitus Bikes and handling all service and warranty operations for SSU’s North American bike customers.

The office also supports sales, marketing, operations, and customer service and collaborates with SSU’s other global offices.

SSU’s headquarters in Berlin has businesses operating within bike, tennis, outdoor, and team sports. It has over 80 online sites and partners with 500 shops serving over 6.5 million customers worldwide. SSU’s North American Bike Division launched operations in November 2022 and includes B2B and DTC sales of Nukeproof bikes, parts and accessories, and DTC sales of the Vitus brand.