Nick Sargent, president of Snowsports Industries America (SIA), will testify Monday, August 27, before the Office of the United States Trade Representative in Washington, D.C., to express concern over the proposed tariffs on $200 billion worth of consumer goods from China.

The list of proposed products to face a potential 25 percent tariff includes sports bags, knit hats, safety helmets and ski gloves.

In a statement, SIA said it “vigorously opposes this action as these tariffs will place undue financial stress on our manufacturers and the network of snow sports retailers and specialty shops across the country. We’re asking the U.S. Trade Representative to remove these products from the list.”

Specifically, Sargent will discuss how these tariffs will financially stress the snow sports industry, namely manufacturers, retailers, consumers and the communities that rely upon it.

The specific products of concern for SIA are:

  • Ski gloves (Subheadings 4203.21.55, 4203.21.60)
  • Knit hats (Subheadings 6505.00.50, 6505.00.60)
  • Sports bags (Subheadings 4202.92.31, 4202.92.39, 4202.92.45)
  • Safety helmets (Subheadings 6506.10.30, 6506.10.60)

The U.S. Trade Representative is accepting public comments until September 5, giving snow sports stakeholders the chance to weigh in and remove the products from the USTR list. Click these links for more information and to take action: