Shred415, a high-intensity interval training fitness concept, celebrates the company’s one-year franchising milestone with the announcement that the company has 51 signed franchise agreements across the United States. Since launching the company’s franchise opportunity in July 2017, Shred415 has experienced explosive growth, and will expand the company’s reach outside the Midwest by entering 14 states across the country in the coming months.

“Having 51 signed agreements after our one-year franchise milestone is indicative that the brand’s national domination is just beginning. It’s incredible that we’ve been able to grow our business and take Shred415 to the next level by expanding outside our home base and across the nation,” said Bonnie Micheli, co-founder of Shred415. “Shred415 is all about being your best self and achieving your goals both inside and outside the studio. I am so excited to be able to share our values with members of the communities we’re coming to.”

Shred415 currently has nine operating locations throughout the Midwest in Illinois, Indiana and Missouri with signed franchise agreements in the states of Virginia, California, Florida, South Carolina, Colorado, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Ohio, Florida, Tennessee, Minnesota, Utah, Georgia and Washington. To continue national growth momentum, the brand is targeting expansion in additional states from coast to coast. By the end of 2019, Shred415 aims to have 100 studios set to open to the public.

“Our success has stemmed from identifying passionate, fitness-oriented franchisees to develop in new territories,” said co-founder Tracy Roemer. “We put a significant amount of time and energy into highlighting our overall brand experience so that potential prospects see that we’ve created a positive fitness community. We find that our Shredders and other like-minded individuals flock to the opportunity we’ve made available because they want their communities to experience workouts that energize, motivate and challenge themselves as they work to improve their overall health and wellness.”