Shred., the eyewear and protection brand for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, entered into strategic partnerships with ILP Inc. in Japan, Helia Trade in the Czech Republic, 4Seasons Sports in Poland, and The Group Distribution in Italy, expanding the brand’s global distribution network.

At the core of the company’s expansion is its lens technology. “Our Contrast Boosting Lens 2.0 technology, developed in collaboration with the MIT Sports Lab, has revolutionized the way skiers and snowboarders experience the mountain,” said Ted Ligety, Co-founder, chairman, and chief brand officer as well as 2x Olympic Gold Medalist and 5x World Champion ski racer. “We’re excited to bring this innovation to more markets, empowering athletes to perform at their best in all conditions.”

With just three lenses, Shred. covers the spectrum of conditions skiers and riders find on the hill, “maximizing clarity and eliminating confusion.” Shred. Contrast Boosting Lens 2.0 system, featuring Ice (all conditions), Glacier (spring/summer), and Nighttime (night skiing/riding) lenses, challenges the industry norm of offering an excessive array of lenses.

“We’re opposing the market trend of overwhelming consumers with choices,” explained Carlo Salmini, co-founder, CEO, head of product, materials engineer, and MIT Graduate. “Our system simplifies the experience while delivering superior performance, defeating flat light, glare and artificial light reflections.”

Complimenting the company’s global expansion, Shred. is also intensifying its distribution efforts in the U.S. In collaboration with CC Wintersport, Shred. hired key sales reps in several U.S. territories, reflecting the brand’s commitment to “providing local retailers and customers with unparalleled access to its innovative products.”

Enrico Soffiati, COO of Shred., highlighted the strategic importance of these partnerships in implementing Shred.’s global strategy. “Our collaboration with these experienced partners aligns perfectly with our mission to make high-end, performance-enhancing gear accessible globally. We’re setting new standards in the industry, moving away from gimmicks, like magnet systems and ineffective photochromic lenses, and delivering real value to skiers and snowboarders.”

Image courtesy Shred.