SHRED, a first-in-the-category approach to exercise, recently brought its innovative ski-inspired workouts to a new 2,000 sq. ft. location in Scarsdale. The studio’s 45-minute, circuit-based, total body and cardio workout is geared toward people of all fitness levels who are interested in exercising in a new and exciting way.

Focusing on lateral (side-to-side) movement, the program builds up the smaller stabilizer muscles that support large dominant muscles throughout the body. This workout approach helps prevent injury, improves strength, and gets the body ready for everyday and high physical performance activities. Founder Caroline Levere was inspired to create SHRED from her experience as a competitive skier and ski instructor in Sun Valley, ID.

“Our workout will get you into the best shape of your life while enhancing your stability, coordination and balance, as well as protecting your joints for everyday movements,” says Levere. “Doing different types of activities in different planes of motion can help beat boredom and make it easier and more enjoyable to stick to an exercise program. SHRED takes your workouts and strength to the next level!”

SHRED classes, offered four-to-six times a day and limited to 12 people per session, are run by top-notch staff members on state-of-the-art equipment in a cozy ski lodge setting with a fireplace. Classes are available in single sessions or as part of a multi-session package; an introductory offers bundles three sessions for the regular price of one. SHRED’s studio boasts massaging rainfall showers and luxurious Malin and Goetz products. Its retail shop sells workout clothes and active wear, including brands like Koral and Beyond Yoga, as well as private-label merchandise.