ShelterLogic Corp. acquired several product brands from Bravo Sports Corp. including QuikShade, MotoShade, ShadeTech, QuikChair, Solo, and GO. The acquisition further diversifies their range of outdoor shade products and significantly increasing their product portfolio.

In recent years the QuikShade line of products has made tremendous strides in the pop-up canopy category, keeping a focus on innovation by developing products that are easier to assemble, more portable, and create an overall better customer experience.

“We plan to quickly integrate the full assortment of QuikShade products into our distribution network of five warehouses in North America. The new products will be made available with our distribution partners in Europe and South America. The QuikShade family of products are a strategic complement alongside our current portfolio of products,” said James Raymond, CEO.

QuikShade products range from top value brands like the ShadeTech II up to the premium quality pop-up products under the Solo banner. This brand acquisition significantly increases ShelterLogic Corp.’s market share in the pop-up and canopy categories of products, and solidifies their position as the global leader in shade, shelter and outdoor storage manufacturing.

“The addition of these respected brands to our portfolio allows us to further meet the needs of the consumer looking for shade, shelters and outdoor storage products from ShelterLogic, said Robert Silinski, president.

D.A. Davidson & Co. served as exclusive financial advisor to Bravo Sports, which is owned by Transom Capital, in the sale.

“Since their acquisition of Bravo Sports, Transom has focused and strengthened its action sports brand portfolio,” said Brien Rowe, managing director at D.A. Davidson, in a statement. “By divesting their Outdoor Products Division, Transom’s Bravo team will continue its strategy to drive growth within their core assets in action sports and protective brands.”

Photo courtesy QuickShade