Sheex Inc. sued Cocona Inc. for patent infringement, alleging that its Sleep 37.5 sheets infringe on two patents Sheex received in 2013 to protect inventions it developed through years of research and development. In response, Cocona told Sports Executive Weekly that it “can state in unequivocal terms that the lawsuit is wholly without merit, and we do not believe that Cocona has infringed on these patents.”

In total, Sheex has filed three lawsuits against Cocona, as well as E&E Co. Ltd. and BedGear, LLC. All three lawsuits allege the companies are willfully infringing two Sheex patents for designing bed sheets made of high performance knit fabric.

In response, Cocona asserted Sheex’s claims are without merit for the following reasons:
•    Cocona licenses its proprietary 37.5 technology, it does not manufacture or sell knitted sheets;
•    Coconas patented 37.5 technology applies to the yarn and not the method by which the sheets are knit;
•    Cocona is prepared to demonstrate that the Sheex patents are not valid, because of relevant prior intellectual property that invalidates the patents.

Sheex patents claim that it is an invention to sew knitted polyester fabrics together to make a sheet, despite the obvious prior art which Sheex neglected to submit to the patent office, said Jeff Bowman, CEO, Cocona. Cocona doesnt make knitted sheets. Why Sheex filed a patent against us is a mystery.