The SGB team is packing up our plaid shirts and trucker hats and heading to Salt Lake City.

 Writer: Carly Terwilliger

From Demo Day to Outsiders Ball, from show floor business to happy hour socializing, we’ll be onsite as the outdoor industry bids a fond farewell to Salt Lake and turns its head toward Denver. We’ll be searching out the new tech, new arrivals and new faces – and taking a look back at Outdoor Retailer’s time at the Salt Palace. After all, retro never goes out of style.

We’re excited to be here because, in a year that has already seen its share of controversy, it’s worthwhile to remember that part of the allure of the outdoors is its size – room for everyone. That means whether you’re a company with 500 employees, or whether you’re a few friends with a Kickstarter and a dream, you’re bound to find adventurers, shredders or crushers who’d love to buy what you’re selling.

There’s something fascinating – perhaps unique – about this particular corner of the world. Climbing brands are also Access Fund members. Tent and pack makers support the Conservation Alliance, or work to preserve America’s iconic trails. Even gear for your pooch is likely to support organizations that helps four-legged hikers find their two-legged soul mates.

We know there’s business to be conducted, but there are also friends to catch up with, beer to drink and future connections to forge. So hitch up your pack, lace up your trail runners and grab your insulated beverage bottle of choice – it’s time to kick off a great week in Salt Lake.

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Photos courtesy Outdoor Retailer and SGB Media