According the latest SFIA State of the Industry Report, the  sports and fitness industry is predicting domestic and international sales growth for this year. Based on information gathered from the annual SFIA State of the Industry survey, there is a 7 percent increase from 2012 in companies that predict domestic sales growth for 2013. That percentage increases to 12 percent for predicted international sales growth as 73 percent of respondents envision more revenue via the global channel.

“The indicators have been evident for the first five months of the year that 2013 is on track to be a good year for our industry,” said VJ Mayor, SFIA's Director of Marketing & Communications. “With consumer confidence at a five year high, it  makes sense that four of the five major categories we track in wholesale sales were at five-year highs in 2012, while licensed merchandise is at a four-year high.”

Fitness equipment continues to show its years-long growth, as its sales have increased over $500 million wholesale since 2009. Sports equipment, sports apparel, and athletic footwear are the other three major categories at five-year highs, all of which contribute to the industry being up 2.4 percent from 2011.

The report also reveals that more SFIA members are planning to manufacture in the United States. 19 percent plan to make more products in the U.S, an increase of 3 percent from the prior year. Consequently, 12 percent plan to source more offshore, which is a 6 percent decrease from last year.

“With companies looking to respond to consumers' desires quickly, they see closer to 'near-market production' as an attractive alternative to consider,” said Mayor.

On the participation front, fitness activity is as strong as any in the past five years due in part to 3.5 million more people taking part in conditioning activities. Gymnastics, ice hockey, and field hockey have shown increases of 10 percent in total participation over the last two years, while aerobics (step) and cross-country ski machine participation have decreased at least 5 percent since 2010.

Along with information on industry sales, planned manufacturing, and participation, the State of the Industry Report provides insight on consumer spending and commentary on the latest issues in sports safety and physical fitness. New to the report for 2013 are insider views on where the industry is headed with executives Tony Armand (CEO, Shock Doctor), Jim Gerson (President, Speedo USA), and Steve Stenerson (CEO, U.S. Lacrosse).