Sessions will become the first core brand to integrate RECCO® reflectors into a complete range of outerwear styles with their 2006-'07 line.

“We were the first snowboard brand to have RECCO in outerwear and now we
will offer it on 90 percent of our line,” says Joel Gomez, Sessions founder
and CEO. “It wasn't an easy decision, but the reason we decided to do it was
it's only a matter of time before all brands will have RECCO and all brands
will have RECCO in at least 80 percent of their line. At Sessions we try to
be a leader, not a follower.”

By integrating RECCO into everything from high-end shells to price-point
styles, Sessions is again standing up for what it believes in, according to
Gomez. “At Sessions we try to be true to what we are. And I want quality to
always be involved. That's why we stand by Gore-Tex and RECCO and whatever
comes out in the future that's going to advance the product that we put

“We believe in RECCO, just like we believe in Gore-Tex®­especially for the
price you are paying for safety. You can't really put a price on safety, and
what RECCO has to offer for the price is very inexpensive,” Gomez concludes.
“RECCO is a small investment, and if somebody can find you 10 seconds or 30
seconds sooner it could save your life.”

Since Sessions first adopted RECCO technology four years ago, the brand has
aggressively educated both consumers and the industry about the avalanche
rescue system. “For us it's been about getting the word out and letting
people see the RECCO logo and asking questions. We've dropped it a lot just
because we think there is a reason behind RECCO,” Gomez says. “It's
definitely come a long way­especially when you see Billabong, Volcom, and
Quiksilver now incorporating reflectors. The awareness is definitely