Sendhit, a French mountain bike parts company, announced a strategic partnership with Bicycle Technologies International (BTI) to bring Sendhit’s products to the U.S. market.

Sendhit, based in Alpes Maritimes, is known for its DIY kit designed to repair scratches on fork stanchions and its MTB handguards.

BTI, with offices in Santa Fe, NM and Reno-Sparks, NV, has been a distributor of technical cycling products and accessories since 1993, offering over 23,000 items from nearly 400 global brands.

Emeric Lebrun, owner of Sendhit, said, “Thanks to the visibility of our handguards on the bikes of the top riders in the UCI EDR championship, we have aroused the interest of many American mountain bikers in our product, and the feedback has been excellent. Our partnership with BTI will enable us to get closer to them and provide a better service.”

“BTI quickly recognized Sendhit’s Emeric Lebrun as an innovator. Products like his stanchion repair kit and premium handguards set the brand apart,” said Preston Martin, BTI’s president.

Image courtesy Sendhit