With Selle Royal Group taking ownership of Highway 2 (H2) in September 2023 and relocating its HQ to San Clemente, CA, the company is making moves to “reorganize its U.S. team to strengthen its North American market presence and foster deeper and more collaborative relationships with dealers across the U.S. and Canada.”

This reorganization introduces H2 as the direct and primary source for Crankbrothers, Fizik, Selle Royal, Brooks England, and Knog.

In the U.S., H2 has positioned company territory managers across the country as sales and marketing reps to their program dealers, responsible for “supporting dealers in making the right choices when it comes to product, sales and marketing,” the company said.

“Understanding the critical role that retailers play in each brands’ success, H2 is adopting a collaborative approach to support the most accessibility to the product range,” the company added. “H2 will focus on achieving product and service penetration by leveraging a network of sub-distributors to make all brands accessible to every dealer. This will ensure that the diverse range of H2 products can be reached by all dealers and consumers.”

Sales Director Bernardo Fiorini shared his optimism about the reorganization, suggesting that H2 will be “the gateway to Selle Royal Group brands and Knog.”

“With company territory managers, our dealers will directly engage with the brands in our portfolio, without middleman. We believe that the only way to overcome market challenges is through direct contact with our customers,” Fiorini noted. “This relationship will benefit our partners with a tailored offering, generous margins, marketing initiatives, consumer activations and joint efforts to keep our brands relevant within local communities. We look forward to building on our legacy of excellence and fielding the exciting opportunities this new structure will bring to our dealers and customers.”

In Canada, H2 will continue its collaboration with existing outside sales reps, which have “contributed significantly to achieving sales goals in recent years, ensuring these brands remain strong and vibrant in the Canadian market.”

Image courtesy Selle Royal