Sea to Summit, manufacturer of backpacking and travel accessories, moved their corporate headquarters to Boulder, CO., from Las Vegas in December, 2004. The move to Boulder was precipitated by the company’s need for a much bigger warehouse space.

“With triple digit growth in 2004, we not only needed more space, but we also are looking to hire more people. We feel that Boulder will offer us a pool of talented people who are also outdoor enthusiasts”, explains Sea to Summit principal Andrew Dunbar.

Boulder is not only attractive for its outdoor activities but also for a business environment that is friendly to outdoor companies.

Being located in the Rockies means less time and cost of shipping to Sea to Summit’s east coast customers, while not being much further away from those in the West.

“With the growth we anticipate for 2005, we needed more room to accommodate additional inventory and to be more efficient in serving our customers. We’re already turning orders around faster in our new warehouse and are ramping up inventory for the spring”, Dunbar said.