SCOTT USA has hired Eric Addicott to will spearhead the company’s move into the Northern California market. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara with majors in Economics and Psychology, Addicott managed a successful start-up athletic apparel store for several years in Santa Barbara, then moved back to his Bay Area hometown and went to work for Avocet in Palo Alto, California, serving as Avocet’s national sales manager for his last three years there. In 1996, while interviewing candidates for Avocet’s Northern California territory, Addicott decided to leave Avocet and take the sales agent job. Since then, he has consistently been one of the most successful reps for the companies he has worked with. Addicott currently represents the Electra Bicycle Company and has more than 19 years of cycling industry experience.

Bill Ruffner, owner, ST Bikes, San Jose, California, said “Eric is one of our most responsive, dedicated, dependable, representatives. Eric always knows his products. I can’t recall a time over the last eight years that any of us at SP Bikes stumped him with a question regarding anything he sells or services. Eric takes pride in his work and while he understands what he is supposed to do for his firms, he is always aware of what we need. In my opinion Eric is the model rep.”

Scott Montgomery states, “I first met Eric at Sea Otter this spring, and I was impressed with his detailed questions and insights in the very important trend-setting Northern California marketplace. The more I spoke to retailers the more it became obvious that Eric had the right experience and abilities to cover the Northern California market.”

In addition to being a strong road and mountain cyclist, Addicott has a large group of friends and keeps busy with a dizzying array of activities which include surfing, skiing, snowboarding, off-road motorcycling, camping, backpacking, and singing and jamming on the guitar and harmonica. Eric formally starts with Scott USA effective immediately. Next week he will be traveling to Switzerland with other sales personnel to review the ’05 product line and complete finishing touches to the ’05 product and pricing strategy.