Schutt Sports Inc. was recently found guilty in a federal court jury in Madison, WI for patent infringement regarding its DNA and ION football helmets and more specifically, concussion reduction technology features from the Riddell Revolution family of football helmets.

The jury awarded Riddell just under $30 million in damages for Schutt's infringing activity.

Riddell, a division of Easton-Bell Sports, had filed the original three-count federal court complaint in December 2008. Riddell had contended that Schutt, the company's chief competitor, had illegally infringed upon Riddell's patented concussion reduction technologies for football helmets and faceguards. The Riddell patents protect key technological features of helmets and faceguards that offer wearers greater injury protection, performance and personal comfort. The suit had alleged that despite Riddell's patent protection, Schutt had unlawfully misappropriated Riddell's head protection technology without permission.