Scheels All Sports will open a store at Southgate Mall located in Missoula, MT representing its third store in that state. The new location will occupy approximately 110,000 square feet of renovated space and is expected to open in the second half of 2021, according to a press release from Washington Prime Group Inc.

Steve M. Scheel, CEO of Scheels, stated: “We are thrilled to bring the state’s third Scheels store to Missoula, specifically Southgate Mall. We first opened in Montana more than 50 years ago and since then have enjoyed serving the people and communities across the state. Our Missoula store is a natural fit that will complement our other two existing locations. We look forward to joining the Southgate Mall, working with the city of Missoula, and serving the people in the western part of Montana.”

The Missoula Scheels will be the Scheels’ 30th location with 27 existing stores in 12 states including North Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Nevada, Illinois, Utah, Kansas, and Colorado. Three other stores are scheduled to open in 2020 and spring 2021. These include a new store in Eden Prairie, MN, replacing a smaller store and new markets in The Colony, TX and Colorado Springs, CO.

Lou Conforti, CEO and Director of Washington Prime Group stated: “There was only one logical choice to satisfy every hiking, skiing, skating, baseballing, boxing, softball, cycling, hunting, swimming, soccering, fishing, running, camping, spectating, yoga-ing, just to name a few needs of active Missoulians, and we’re pleased to announce it is Scheels. They’re one of the best merchants out there for the simple reason they respect their customers and colleagues (they’re employee-owned) and their stores are really cool.

“We’ll keep you informed when our friends open up (in the meantime check them out online and come visit Southgate Mall, which is yet another example of how we are fulfilling our promise to serve as the dominant town center in a robust market incorporating both enclosed and open-air formats.”

Scheels will replace the current JCPenney location, which is expected to close during the second quarter of 2020. Washington Prime Group proactively executed an agreement to gain control of the JCPenney site for the planned redevelopment.

Photo courtesy Billings Gazette