SAXX kicks off the brand’s No Status Quo campaign with three inspirational men, who are working every single day to solve problems that can help save our planet. SAXX has made these men the forefront of their new campaign and is investing various resources to help support and propel these change-makers’ inspirational missions.

“As a brand and a product, we equip men to tackle everyday challenges. Now it’s time we not only support them physically, but we also inspire them to create the change they want to see in the world. In today’s environment, can you imagine what impact we could have if more businesses dedicated marketing dollars to impacting positive change?” — Braden Hoeppner, SAXX chief marketing officer

Watch the video here or below.

Here are the guys featured in the film that are driving positive change.

Topher White
Rainforest Connection

Topher’s mission is to stop illegal deforestation, which is the number-one contributor to climate change. He has developed a way of turning old cell phones into listening devices, and is combining that with artificial intelligence and machines to detect sounds of loggers, poachers and animals. Using this bio-acoustic monitoring, his team is able to alert the authorities of illegal logging, and will be able to contribute statistics to the scientific community about animal populations.

Cesar Jung-Harada
Protei & Maker Bay

Coral reefs are dying before our eyes–and the systems we use to understand them need an update. Cesar’s latest open-sourced innovation is ScoutBot: an ocean-mapping robot—made from inexpensive recycled products, like plastic bottles–which is paired with drone propellers, laser projectors and a GoPro to measure the ocean floor far better than a human ever could.

Dylan Jones
Coast Protein

The supply-chain of protein is ridden with pollution. Using crickets to source protein takes 13 times less land, 2000-times less water and produces 100-times fewer emissions than the same amount of protein from cows. Dylan, pictured above left, is developing protein powders, bars and chocolates to help promote a cleaner form of protein in the world.

Video courtesy SAXX. Photos courtesy Topher White, Cesar Jung-Harada, Dylan Jones