Saucony’s Lab, a research center focused on empowering runners through performance innovation, launched its Stride Lab app on October 4, the brand’s first interactive tool that puts biomechanics data in the palm of everyday runners.

“To keep runners running, it’s not enough to get them in the right shoe; we need to help them build better running bodies,” said Spencer White, head of the Saucony Human Performance & Innovation Lab.

The Saucony Stride Lab app, developed in partnership with Jay Dicharry, MPT, SCS, author of “Anatomy for Runners,” empowers individual runners to build a better running body using the help of their personal mobile devices. The Stride Lab’s interface guides the runner through a multi-step personal evaluation that includes stance, mobility, stability and stride. The app then interprets the data, prioritizes the results and delivers a customized and ever-evolving plan of running-specific exercises and drills to optimize their “running experience.”

“Working with tens of thousands of runners, from the novice to the Olympic level, has shown us that people are different, that they can and should run in a manner that complements their body structure,” said Dicharry.


White added, “With the launch of the Stride Lab app we’re throwing open the doors of the Saucony Human Performance & Innovation Lab, sharing decades of expertise and research in stride analysis and biomechanics to help runners perform and feel better … that information, in combination with Jay Dicharry’s world-renowned expertise in biomechanical analysis and sports athletic performance, has allowed us to create a personal running lab experience, customized for each individual runner and accessible from their mobile device at their convenience.”

The Saucony Stride Lab app is free at iTunes.

Photos courtesy Saucony