Salesforce, the leading provider of cloud-based software, is barring customers from using its system to sell semi-automatic guns and other firearms.

The tech giant updated its “acceptable use” policy in April to prohibit the use of its software for sales of automatic and semi-automatic firearms, as well as certain gun parts. The Washington Post first reported on the change to its policies, which prohibits using Salesforce software for marketing, customer service operations, and order fulfillment related to those weapons.

“After carefully reviewing similar policies in the industry and discussing with internal and external stakeholders, we updated our policy,” a Salesforce spokesperson told Business Insider. “The change affects new customers and a small number of existing customers when their current contracts expire.”

Although the new policy doesn’t apply to all online gun sales, it makes special note of automatic firearms and accessories like detachable magazines, sound suppresors, and multi-burst triggers, which enable guns to fire multiple rounds in quick succession.

Firearms advocacy groups told the Washington Post the move discriminates against guns owners and violates the Second Amendment.

Salesforce is the latest company to take action against gun sales in the wake of mass shootings, following moves by Dick’s Sporting Goods and Shopify.