RYU Apparel Inc. said the company has successfully protected the company’s registration over the company’s RYU trade-mark registrations in Canada, including the RYU logo. The company also has trade-mark registrations in the United States, China and Hong Kong.

Lululemon Athletica Inc. has advised that it does not intend to expunge any RYU trade-mark registrations of RYU that may be issued from the Canadian Intellectual Property Officer (CIPO), including the RYU (stylized) trademark or oppose the current trademark applications for the RYU Marks.

The legal matter started in March 2017 after RYU advertised its application for the RYU (stylized) trademark on the January 2017 edition of the Trade-marks Journal, and Lululemon sought and received an extension from CIPO to consider whether to oppose the RYU Marks, having produced a T-shirt prominently featuring the letters RYU, even though the RYU was already operating with multiple stores and a growing international e-commerce business.

Marcello Leone, CEO of RYU, stated: “We will always protect our intellectual property, and we are proud to own the RYU Marks. The word Respect is in our name and at the heart of our values, and it is the purpose of our movement.”

Photo courtesy RYU