RYU Apparel Inc. has opened its BETA 37.5 development lab in Squamish, British Columbia to enhance design and development of its athletic tech-style apparel.

The lab consists of highly-qualified and experienced personnel and engineers in product design and development whose pedigree extends to many well-known products and brands within the athletic and training universe. Treya Klassen, RYU's VP Product and Brand, will lead the team, which includes three new designers. These three new designers have over 40 years collective industry experience in product development, white space research, and innovative design process. They all have proven track records working for successful brands that have created breakthroughs in their industries.

The team has come together and joined RYU Apparel with a single purpose of filling a void in the market in creating game-changing gear for the multi-discipline athlete. The platform will include apparel, bags and accessories with the goal of creating the next iconic athletic brand.

RYU says the lab will work with athletes to develop “game-changing gear for the multi-discipline athlete featuring intellectual property, exclusive patent applications and disruptive technology unique to the athletic and training industry.”

“BETA 37.5 will have no signage. No fancy exterior. No clue as to what is inside,” the company boasted in a release. “But behind the nondescript walls, a new Universe is being created. Within the secluded mountainside community, some of the world's hottest designers and product engineers on the planet have come together to invent the future of athletic performance.”