Ryn USA has changed its name to Novascarpa LLC and added the Chung Shi and Terox brands to its portfolio.

Novascarpa said in a statement that its mission is to become the global leader in premium wellness footwear. Novascarpa is the sole distributor for Ryn and Chung Shi footwear for the North and South American hemisphere, and owns the Terox brand that will launch later this year.

Engineered in Germany, Chung Shi's offers a wide range of functional footwear, all of which mimic the natural movement of the human body. The positive effects of Chung Shi's technology are substantially validated through medical studies in Calgary, Seoul and Kaiserslautern. Currently Chung Shi is sold in 25 countries worldwide. On February 8th, Chung Shi footwear will be presented and gifted to key Hollywood icons and media at the Valentine Oscar Suites.

Terox will launch in the US market with a luxury “rock flop” combining rocker sole and barefoot technologies with three adjustable and interchangeable uppers.

The Ryn brand, a stable rocker shoe, is currently Ryn is sold in 22 countries worldwide.

Michael Ertl, CEO of Chung Shi, states that “we look forward to our long term partnership with the Novascarpa Group for the North and South American region and truly value their commitment to our original mission of making a contribution to consumers' health and inner balance”.

“The chung shi brand has been around since 2003”, proclaims Terry Stillman, CEO & VP Marketing of Novascarpa Group LLC, “and through its German engineered premium footwear, we believe it has an extraordinary potential for the years to come. In the US and Canada, chung shi has already very successfully penetrated the marketplace over many years through Foot Solutions, whom will remain our key retail partner as we move forward and continue to build the brand together with our the Foot Solutions franchisee partners”.

“With Ryn, chung shi and terox, Novascarpa is already a leading supplier of premium wellness footwear, through which we can successfully fulfill our accounts' specific product needs in this exciting and quickly growing category”, declares Rocco Azzarito, VP Sales of Novascarpa Group LLC.