Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. is now offering discounts for Hunter Education Instructors for 2009 and has announced its committed sponsorship of both Hunter’s Handbook and the Hunter and Shooting Sports Education Journal. All of these tools support the Hunter Education network and are integral in effectively communicating safety in the outdoors as well as perpetuation of the sport.

“Ruger is proud to contribute to the education and safety training of tomorrow’s shooters,” said Mike Fifer, Ruger CEO. “The Hunter Education program teaches the skills necessary to become responsible shooters, and we are happy to support that effort,” he concluded.

Hunter’s Handbook is the informational tool that all 750,000 Hunter Education students receive upon completion of their Hunter Education course. It provides students with a “how-to” guide that takes all Hunter Education students beyond mandatory general safety guidelines and offers them additional information on everything from firearms to targets and gear as well as an added emphasis on safety in the field. Ruger’s support will educate these ½ million new hunters and shooters reading Hunter’s Handbook every year on safe operations and choices when considering centerfire, bolt-action rifle purchases.

Seventy thousand instructors request the Hunting and Shooting Sports Education Journal, and its sole mission is to increase the skill and effectiveness of hunter education instructors so that they can improve the enthusiasm, safety ethics and proficiency of their Hunter Education students. It provides teaching tips and conservational tools essential in an effective Hunter Education Curriculum.