Ruckus Sports will kick off its 2013 season of 13 family oriented obstacle course races in Kansas City on April 6, 2013 at the Valley Speedway in Grain Valley, MO, 15 miles east of the Truman Sports Complex off of Interstate 70.

Ruckus courses are built with a combination of exceptional obstacles that test all levels with an additional child-centric course-both of which are spectator-friendly, to allow friends and family to view the entire race. The Ruckus Kansas City obstacle course contains more than 40,000 lbs. of obstacle materials, stretches almost 4 miles and is designed to achieve three primary objectives: participant safety, obstacle density and fun.

Ruckus Sports could not think of a more enthusiastic and adventurous market to kick off our 2013 season than Kansas City. With one of our best Ruckus events of last year held right here in Kansas City, we fully expect to set records with another great turnout, said Ruckus founder Liam Brenner. Our courses are achievable by design and provide the new generation of weekend warriors, families and really any participant with an unparalleled, shared sporting experience.

Ruckus helped make obstacle courses one of the fastest growing adventure racing events in recent years by offering spectator-friendly courses for both serious athletes and casual competitors from ages 2 to 72. The Ruckus Heater is two mile course featuring less running and is 100% spectator friendly. The Ruckus Challenge, a 4-mile course, is both achievable and highly rewarding for a more serious racer, with the top 10 percent of participants qualifying for the Ruckus Champions Heat. The Champions Heat is the same course as the Challenge with participants competing for the coveted Golden Helmet. The Ruckus Mini introduces young athletes (ages 2 and up) to Ruckus with a mini course right along the main course and an all-new teen course with more obstacles and lots of mud!