As part of its long-standing commitment to protect the environment, Royal
Robbins will join with the American Hiking Society (AHS) to launch a national hangtag promotion for Spring 2004, beginning
this January. One million garments will feature distinctive tags that provide consumers with a discount of $10 on an annual
membership to AHS. A promotion of this size and scope will be a first for AHS.

“We are proud to expand our association with AHS,” said Francisco Morales,
president of Royal Robbins. “We have a strong tradition of protecting the outdoors, and truly believe in the great work that
AHS does to create and protect trails across the nation. Everyone benefits from having great trails. This promotion will
enable our retail partners to be part of this important initiative, and introduce more consumers to both Royal Robbins and
the American Hiking Society, an organization that shares our values.”

Royal Robbins will be a national sponsor of AHS’ National Trails Day® on June 7, 2004. The company will supply retailers
with point of sale materials to promote this day of nationwide trail events, which is considered America’s largest celebration
of the outdoors.

Royal Robbins began its association with AHS more than 20 years ago. The first official partnership took place in
1999, when Royal Robbins promoted AHS membership on the hangtag of its most popular item, the Billy Goat® Short. The
effort was the single most effective corporate membership promotion in AHS history, and resulted in close to 1,000 new

“We are very grateful to Royal Robbins for their outstanding support,” said Mary Margaret Sloan, AHS president.
“Our nation’s trails, whether they run through communities or in wild places, are among this country’s most wonderful
treasures. It takes hard work to protect them and to cultivate stewards for their care. Royal Robbins has been a friend to
AHS for many years, and our expanded partnership with them will help us continue our work protecting and promoting