Rossignol Group's North American division announced a number of changes in jobs and responsibilities, mostly in marketing areas. Among the changes, Tait Wardlaw, formerly the VP of Brand and Sports Marketing for Dynastar and Lange, will now serve as the VP of Brands, Marketing and Communications for all Group brands including Rossignol, Dynastar, Lange and Look.

Other changes include:

* Formerly the Director of Sports Marketing and Strategic Partnerships for the Rossignol brand, Jason Newell will now serve in that capacity for all brands, including Rossignol, Dynastar, Lange and Look.

* Once the Junior Racing Program Director for the Rossignol Alpine brand, Jesse Keene’s new position, Director of Racing, will now be responsible for all alpine and nordic racing activities for all brands through the US Ski Team level.

* Formerly a Marketing and Promotions rep for Rossignol in the Intermountain territory, Matt Rihm will assume the role of Team Manager for all brands overseeing the support and promotion of all big mountain, freestyle, and snowboard athletes for Rossignol, Dynastar and Lange.

* For more than 30 years, Steve has played an essential role in Rossignol’s development both from the US perspective and on a global basis. Steve Dudley started his career as a tech rep and had a successful progression to the top executive level for Rossignol Ski Company.  His passion for skiing and for the brand touched everyone that had the privilege to work with him.  Most  recently serving as VP of Marketing and Communications for North America., Steve will take advantage of an early retirement program.