The Rossignol Group is reporting that first quarter sales were down 5.3% to €37.0 million ($45.4 million) compared to €39.1 million ($43.2 million) for the company’s fiscal first quarter last year. The Ski division, which made up roughly 80% of the group’s sales for the first quarter posted an 18.8% decline to €29.9 million ($36.7 million). Management said that first quarter sales were not significant to realizing their full-year goals, presumably because of the seasonality of the business.

BOSS caught up with Francois Goulet, President of Rossignol North America, who said that Q1 is really just a period to get ready for the season ahead. This year Rossignol N.A. has seen some major changes in its marketing department.

“This reorganization has been keeping us busy,” said Mr. Goulet, “but we are finalizing it right now.” The new marketing plan calls for more athlete support, and a greater emphasis on performance.

Goulet said that Rossignol N.A. pre-season orders, which make up approximately 80% of their annual turnover, are flat to last year in a “very flat” market. Goulet estimates that Rossignol currently has around 16-20% market share in the Alpine category and 10% in Snowboards. The company’s apparel line was said to be doing “very well and the potential is huge.”