Rocky Mountain acquired BikeAction GmbH a bike distributor headquartered in Germany. The acquisition, built on a 30-plus-year partnership, vertically integrates the Canadian manufacturer into the European market and supports riders in BikeAction’s Northern European region.

Since 1988, BikeAction has serviced the Rocky Mountain regions in Germany, Austria, Benelux, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Slovenia.

“Rocky Mountain has a rich history with BikeAction. When we began offering bikes internationally, Germany was the first market we expanded to,” said Executive Chairman Raymond Dutil. “Since our early beginnings in Germany, BikeAction has always played an integral part in the internationalization of our product and design, driving us to have a competitive global lineup, including the notable progression of our E-bike offering, Powerplay.”

BikeAction will remain a separate entity with the support of Rocky Mountain’s Canadian headquarters. The company will continue to work without changing staff or headcount.

BikeAction’s Owner and President, Christoph Goebel, said, “As I transition into retirement, finding a home for BikeAction within Rocky Mountain felt like a natural fit for the business. Mr. Dutil has always instilled a family-owned tradition for Rocky Mountain that parallels the ethos of our distribution business.”

Rocky Mountain CEO Katy Bond said: “In many ways, we’ve been working together as one for years, bonded over a love of two wheels. As we move into a new chapter for Rocky Mountain, it became clear we needed to be under one roof. The vision for Rocky Mountain and BikeAction’s future is singular and focused. By growing a strong European foundation for the brand, we can encourage more people to get out and experience the pure joy of bikes.”