Rocket Fish Design, a leading industrial design firm, has issued its Winter 2013/2014 style guide which forecasts that high-tech innovative materials, minimalist design, and industrial styling will lead the way as brands finalize their Winter 2013/14 product offerings.

“From a style stand point, we’re seeing continued growth of the industrial look. This is a trend that really starts to take hold in Fall 2013 and will continue to gain momentum in Winter 2014,” said Thomas Gray, founder of Rocket Fish.

Although the styles have an old school look to them, expect materials to be innovative and technical. Compression fabrics are going to be extremely popular, as athletes are demanding more of a tailored fit in their apparel.

“As athletes take on more intense training regimens they need apparel that supports their bodies. Materials like compression fabric increase athletic performance, while taking some of the stress off muscles.” said Gray.

Minimalist gyms are also playing a substantial role in creating demand for new materials. Athletes from all sports are starting to train with less and less equipment and are looking for innovative apparel to complement their body’s natural rhythm. 

While these fancy materials once carried a high price tag, Gray notes that we’re going to see high quality fabrics and gear becoming available at a lower price point.

“Whether it’s skiers, snowboarders, or basketball players, we’re seeing athletes spending even more time in the gym training – but starting to train a little differently,” said Gray. “They want access to high quality apparel that allows them to move more fluidly.”

Carbon fiber is another material that’s going to make a strong showing. Whether it’s carbon fiber helmets, eyewear or boots – carbon fiber is another material that provides athletes with a higher level of performance because of its lightweight and durability.

In terms of color, in Winter 2013/14 there will be a mix of neutral tones and bright hues making it into lines. The color palette contrasts between dark tones of granite, slate and soil with pops of bright primary colors like royal blue and red, along with bright pinks, purples and fiery oranges. You will see this contrasting of colors within big color blocks as well as integrated into prints.

Another innovative development to come in Winter 2013 and 2014 is the idea of heated accessories.  While not an entirely new trend, it’s most definitely a growing one. Whether its chargeable gloves to provide heat for skiers, or vests for cyclers, Gray expects heated accessories as a trend to watch in the upcoming years.