Ritchey Design has hired Ming Tan as Senior Marketing Manager. Tan will be working from the new Ritchey offices in San Carlos, CA.

“Ming brings a wealth of industry experience to Ritchey and has really ambitious plans for the brand,” said GM Steve Parke. “Getting him on board with us is quite a coup.”

Ming spent the last four years with Veltec Sports managing the branding and direction of the Look and CicloSport brands.

“I began with a bike shop, then moved to REI while finishing a marketing degree,” cited Ming. “After graduating I joined Bell Sports and worked with inside sales and then product development through 2001. I then went to Veltec where I was assigned to and had direct involved with Look and CicloSport, as well as feedback input for all of the other brands. I performed the brand management duties from product development to branding and marketing and gained valuable experience working in a European owned company with a strong growth plan.”

“At Ritchey, my responsibilities are to take the marketing directive to the next level. I'd like to elevate Ritchey's brand awareness throughout the market. We've got categories of product that people do not know about, yet we've got a very strong position in the market with bars, stems, and posts. We've got an opportunity to capitalize on our strengths in those categories, and pull the other categories up to that same level or higher. We'd like to improve and expand our presence across the board from our retail point of purchase, product branding, public relations, advertising, consumer outreach, and of course, Interbike.”

“I'm really excited to be here. This represents a new chapter in my career. I love the industry and have a strong passion for it and what I do. The products here are top notch, the company has a great reputation, and the team assembled here is the best. I'm looking forward to working with this stellar group to grow the presence of the brand as much as we can.”