Rip Curl promoted Dylan Slater to senior vice president of sales & marketing for North America, where he will look to strengthen the synergy between Rip Curl’s sales and marketing functions. Currently the VP of marketing for Rip Curl USA, Slater has worked collaboratively with current VP of sales, Paul Harvey, and this move aims to magnify this strong dynamic.

Harvey has been promoted to vice president of sales for North America, where he will now be responsible for sales efforts in the USA as well as Canada, with current Rip Curl Canada VP of sales and marketing, Nick Russell, reporting into him. Ryan Wist, national sales manager for Rip Curl USA, will continue to report to Paul as well.

“The organic teamwork I have seen over the years between Dylan and Paul has been extraordinary,” stated Rip Curl North America President and CEO, Kelly Gibson. “I look forward to seeing this strong working dynamic help take how we service our customers to another level, while elevating our brand to be regarded as the ultimate surfing company.”