RinseKit was created because it was something that I needed,” said Chris Crawford, inventor of the new, portable, pressurized washer that will debut to the outdoor industry in August.

Crawford created RinseKit as a multi-use product for surfing, mountain biking, dirt biking, scuba diving, shore fishing, spearfishing, lobster diving, hunting and camping, as a way to clean up the sweat and grime.

“I’ve always tried to make it a point in my life to arrange my career around my lifestyle,” said Crawford, a self-proclaimed outdoorsman.

Crawford took his frustration with the lack of shower and cleanup options available on the market and invented his own solution. He credits the invention to his experience working in pool service, design and construction in 2003, where he learned about hydraulics and systems of storing pressurized water.

RinseKit Founder Chris Crawford

RinseKit Founder Chris Crawford

The first RinseKit model was created from PVC pipes and miscellaneous parts found in Crawford’s pile of pool service equipment. This prototype evolved into the compact shower/clean up system sold today by Crawford’s company OutSol, founded in 2012. “From day one we knew that RinseKit could be a great starting point but more ideas could come to life. We came up with the concept of OutSol (outdoor solutions) so we would have a way to launch other ideas even if they had nothing to do with RinseKit,” said Crawford in an interview with SGB. “I think it’s always important to think several steps ahead and make sure you’re not limiting yourself when establishing a brand.”

Before taking RinseKit to production, Crawford worked through many variations of design, only showing the prototypes to family members. Once he was confident with the product, it was time to source funding.

“I had a pool service customer that had become a good friend, and I knew he was an investor in the stock market. He ended up investing and helped me get the company started. We used the money to get IP and set up an assembly line in my garage.” The company sold roughly 500 RinseKits from garage production alone. Crawford and his wife sold their pool company and enlisted financial support from friends and family to continue growing the business. The final step was speaking to investors. “This phase brings a whole new type of fear to your life, the fear of someone stealing your idea,” Crawford said. “I remember my attorney telling me that it costs around $500,000 to try and protect a patent in court.” So far, RinseKit has not faced any issues.

Crawford’s system works by connecting the RinseKit hose to an outside water spigot and filling the eon two-gallon pressure container. RinseKit says the process takes less than half a minute. Water can then be stored and transported from the eon pressure chamber – a box the size of a travel carry-on. The transportable eon chamber holds pressure for two months, at 65 psi (pounds per square inch), or the same pressure as a standard home shower. Crawford’s design is patented and, “can be filled with hot or cold water an infinite number of times,” the website says.

rinse-kitNo batteries or charging methods are needed, since water pressure is generated while RinseKit is being filled. Ordinary household spigots work best; however, filling the eon with still water isn’t an option since the product runs on spigot pressure. Crawford is currently working on the newest RinseKit product, the Field Fill Kit, which he hopes will pressurize still water using a regular bike pump.

At Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, RinseKit made its mark, being recognized by bloggers and magazines alike.

More recently, in response to the California drought situation, RinseKit has made efforts to promote conservancy and provide much-needed water solutions to California State Parks where drought conditions have temporarily shut off beach showers.

RinseKit will also be offering a $10-off discount and free shipping of its product to California State Park Explorer Pass holders, and will donate $10 from each purchase to California state beaches, seashores, and marine parks.