Ride Snowboards recently named Rob McLennand as the rep covering the New England territory for Ride, 5150, and Version and Velvet Eyewear. An industry veteran, Rob has repped for over 10 years and is very respected for his commitment to the brands he has represented.

Growing up, graduating college and learning to ride in New England, Rob has a rich history of working within the snowboard industry. According to Ride, Rob knows how to get the job done, and is especially focused on helping retailers make more money with Ride while never losing sight of the fact that Ride “sells fun” and is committed to keeping it real. We look forward to a long and strong relationship with Rob in New England.

“Rob's a great fit for Ride in New England. He brings a strong passion for riding, a great work ethic, positive attitude, and strong snowboard repping background to the table. He is fiercely devoted to helping dealers make more money with their snowboard business while keeping it fun for everyone. I couldn't be more pleased. Ride is a tightly knit crew of passionate dedicated riders, and Rob is going to fit right in here!” states an enthusiastic Chuck Mason, Ride’s Sales Director.

And what does Rob have to say about working with Ride? “Hell, I just hope my liver holds out!”